Ottawa Comparative Study Visit 2013

From December 1st to December 8th, 2013 the Ontario Legislature Internship Programme visited the City of Ottawa for our first comparative study trip.  Over the next few weeks we will be posting a number of blog posts detailing all of the incredible meetings we had during our stay.  However, a few acknowledgments are in order.

Interns in Ottawa, sponsored by the Co-operators

Interns in Ottawa, sponsored by the Co-operators

The interns would like to thank the Co-operators Group Limited for their generous sponsorship our Ottawa trip.  The Co-operators Group also provided hats and gloves which came in handy during the frigid Ottawa temperatures.

A big “Thank you” is also owed to Jessica Behnke who chairs the OLIP travel committee and was largely responsible for arranging most of the trip’s itinerary.  Other interns and Queen’s Park staff should also be commended for their involvement in arranging various meetings.

A final “Thank you” is reserved for the Parliamentary Interns who not only helped to arrange our visit but also accompanied us to most of our events.

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