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About the Programme:

Every September since 1976, the Ontario Legislature Internship Programme has welcomed recent university graduates to Queen’s Park to work with backbench members of the Legislature. The non-partisan Programme was established by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and the Canadian Political Science Association to provide a unique educational opportunity for young Canadians as well as practical support to MPPs.

The range of duties traditionally performed by Interns for MPPs has been very wide and depends largely on the Member’s priorities and responsibilities. Moreover, Members have often discovered that Interns offer a valuable perspective which is bright, non-partisan and enthusiastic.

Ontario Legislature Interns are chosen through a rigorous selection process based on academic excellence, personal maturity and demonstrated interest in parliamentary government. The minimum requirement for a position as an Intern is a degree from a Canadian university; however, Interns often possess or are working towards post-graduate degrees. In other words, Interns are prepared to learn yet are already capable of being an effective member of your staff.

To enable Interns to gain a broad understanding of the work of the Assembly, their assignments at Queen’s Park involve work for two individual members. They spend one half of the time for an MPP who is a member of the Government caucus and the other half for an MPP who is a member of one of the opposition caucuses (ministers and party leaders are not eligible).

Interns working for opposition Members in the first term will spend their second term with a government MPP. In each term five interns will work for the governing party and five with opposition parties. (The split will be 3 Conservatives, 2 NDP each term).

Applying for an Intern:

If you would like to meet with the Interns to discuss the possibility of having one of them assigned to you in the current year (which runs until June), please also complete and submit the questionnaire below which will help match your needs to the talents which the new Interns have brought to the Programme and mail it back to the OLIP office as soon as possible.

We will then call to arrange a meeting between you, your staff and the ten interns. We hope to have the Interns allocated to Members in late October/early November.  Interns will split their time equally between their two placements.  Start and end dates will be finalized once placements are chosen.

Cost of hosting an Intern:

You should be aware that having an Intern in your office does not require any additional costs to you. Interns are paid over the ten months spent at Queen’s Park, but this modest stipend is paid by the Programme. Your only ‘cost’ is to supply the intern with a work station and your time to ensure that they get as much out of the experience as you. Interns are not to be issued blackberries, cell phones or any other equipment that requires a contract. The Programme will not pay for any expenses incurred for such equipment along with any expenses to furnish the intern with a workspace.

Members are encouraged to take their Interns with them to their constituencies at least once during their time together and, if necessary, the Programme can assist in covering any expenses which this may require, if necessary.

As part of the Programme, the Interns make several visits to other legislatures to broaden their understanding of parliamentary institutions and Canadian politics. In past years, the Interns have visited the House of Commons, the Quebec National Assembly and other provincial assemblies.

There is also an academic aspect to the Programme which involves seminars with prominent figures in Ontario public life and the preparation of papers on the Legislature. Every effort is made to ensure that these opportunities do not prevent the Interns from performing the duties which you expect of them but they will need occasional time out of your office for meetings.

 I encourage you to consider the possibility of having an Intern work for you and to contact us right away since there are always many more MPPs who request Interns than there are Interns to go around.

 I am sure you will find that an Intern can make a valuable contribution to your office! Please join us in this exciting Programme – now part of Queen’s Park for more than thirty years!

Forms and information:

Mail your completed application back to us c/o 1405 Whitney Block.

If you require more information, please contact the OLIP office by phone 416-325-0040 or email eithne_whaley (at) – please note that our office is staffed on Wednesdays and Fridays only.