Apply To OLIP

Apply to OLIP for the 2017/2018 Year!

Click on the link below to access the 2017-2018 OLIP Application Form


Timeline for Applicants

January 31, 2017: Deadline for applications.

February 2017: Final shortlist meeting of selection panel.

March 2017: Interviews held in Toronto for those applicants selected at February meeting of selection panel.  All interviews are held in person at Queen’s Park.

Deadline for applications: January 31, 2017

Transcripts must be official & sealed and it is preferred that transcripts and reference letters are sent directly to us rather than through the applicant. We require only one copy of each document. It is preferred that current transcripts are sent in January to show winter grades.


The Ontario Legislature Interns are chosen through a rigorous process based on academic excellence, personal maturity and demonstrated interest in parliamentary government. The minimum requirement for a position as an Intern is a degree from a Canadian university and an interest in and a knowledge of Ontario politics. However, Interns often possess or are working towards graduate degrees.

Programme Overview

Although there is an academic component to the programme (through seminars and the preparation of papers on the Legislature), the principal purpose of the programme is to provide MPPs with extra staff assistance. The Interns split their ten months at Queen’s Park between two individual members: they work one half of the time for a government MPP and the other half for an opposition MPP (ministers and party leaders are not eligible).

The range of duties performed by Interns for MPPs is very wide, and depends on the Member’s priorities and responsibilities. Interns write speeches, prepare MPPs for question period and for committee work, research policy issues of interest to the Member, assist with constituency work and attend meetings with Member and on her or his behalf. Members are encouraged to take their Interns with them to their constituencies at least once during their time together.

In their ten months at Queen’s Park, Interns gain valuable experience and insight into the provincial political process. Graduates of the programme have established themselves in a variety of responsible positions in government, business, journalism, law and academic life.

OLIP is an equal opportunity programme.