The Internship

The Ontario Legislature runs from September 1st to June 30th each year. It is a paid internship, with interns receiving $21,000 in stipends with additional payments upon completion of a draft and final version of an academic paper.

Interns travel to other legislatures but also their MPP's riding

Interns also visit their MPP’s riding during their two placements

Interns also attend study trips to other legislatures. Each year, visits are planned for Ottawa, Quebec City, and, with the assistance of the British Consulate in Toronto, London, England. The interns choose the US or Canadian destination(s) of the Spring visit. Accommodation and travel expenses for these visits are covered by the Ontario Legislature Internship Programme through corporate donations.

The Intern Year

September: Orientation – Meetings with various departments within the legislature, sponsors and other groups and individuals to give a foundation for the year

October: In late September/early October, interns will interview the MPPs interested in hosting an intern and supply their choices to the OLIP administrative team for approval.

In mid October, interns will start working for their first placement MPP. Interns spend half their time with a government party member and the other half with an opposition member. The number of interns opposition parties receive is determined by the number of members elected to each party. In each term, half of the interns will be with an opposition member.

Mid November: OLIP Annual Fall Reception with sponsors, alumni, and MPPs/Ministers organised by the interns

December: Interns travel to Ottawa and Quebec City, attending a reception with the Canadian Political Science Association in Ottawa and comparative study trips to the Quebec National Assembly and House of Commons.

February: Interns’ comparative study visit to a destination of their choosing (US/Canada or one city in each) before switching over to their second MPP placement.

March-April: Interns present their academic paper overviews to the administration and interns at our weekly meetings

April: OLIP selection of interns for following year, an intern sits on selection panel.

Mid May: OLIP Spring Fall Reception with sponsors, alumni, and MPPs/Ministers organised by the interns

Late May/Early June: Interns attend the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, where they often present their academic papers.

Late June: Interns end their internship with a comparative study visit to the Houses of Parliament in London, UK.