Dave Levac, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

Laura Albanese MPP:

“OLIP is a unique and prestigious programme, offering recent university grads a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with Ontario’s key decision makers,” stated Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario CEO Randy Carroll. “We are excited and so proud about expanding our relationship with OLIP by becoming their lead sponsor for 2010.”

“One of the keys to effective advocacy is building strong relationships with decision-makers. In the context of our work in Ontario, Advocacy Solutions has always regarded the OLIP interns as an important link to elected officials and other important players in government. During their time at Queen’s Park, the interns develop the experience, skills and contacts that make them a valuable resource as they move throughout their careers.” – Ryan Clarke, President, Advocacy Solutions (OLIP Sponsor)

“If you are interested in public policy, the mechanics of government and Ontario politics, there is no better programme available anywhere. OLIP interns get to see everything, know everyone and learn firsthand. Ontario’s programme is the only one I know where the politicians ask the interns what the latest gossip is. And the quality of interns keeps getting better, I wouldn’t have had a chance of being part of the programme if I had to compete against the stellar candidates who become interns now, and their success in government, academe and the private sector speaks to their high calibre.” – Tim Murphy, OLIP Intern 1982-83, Former Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Paul Martin

“The Programme opened up a number of career opportunities for me by giving me access to the Legislature in a way that only a non-partisan programme can. The opportunity to work with and meet people from all political parties and all walks of life meant that I was much better prepared for work in and out of politics. The skills I acquired during my internship year are highly marketable in a variety of employment settings.” – Adam McDonald, Intern 2004-2005

“One of the key challenges the OCNA had at Queen’s Park was awareness of our association. It makes the job a lot easier by having interns who know the value of Community Newspapers, interact daily with MPPs, ministers and key staffers and can act as advocates for our industry.” – Gordon Cameron, Government Relations Manager, Ontario Community Newspapers’ Association (OLIP Sponsor)

” …the Law Society is delighted to continue its sponsorship of OLIP. Assisting young people who see public service as an important objective and laudable career choice is very satisfying. As many alumni attest, this unique experience provides invaluable insights that assist individuals throughout many and diverse public service career options. Count on the Law Society to continue to see the intrinsic value of this programme.” – Sheena Weir, Government Relations Manager, Law Society of Upper Canada