A Week In The Life Of An Intern

Vanessa Dupuis (OLIP 2014) discusses a week in the life of an intern:


8:30am: Review MPP mail, sort invitations, and respond to letters.
10:30am: Watch Question Period on TV at desk while completing work.
12:00pm: Eat lunch at desk.
12:30pm: Get letters to constituents/stakeholders proofed by MPP’s staff and then MPP.
4:00pm: Meet with MPP to review work completed and discuss future tasks.
5:00pm: Go to reception at Queen’s Park.


8:30am: Review and send letters composed on Monday.
9:00am: Open mail and put any invitations into MPP’s calendar.
10:30am: Go to Question Period.
12:00pm: Meet other interns for lunch.
1:00pm: Start research for MPP’s upcoming Private Member’s Bill.
3:00pm: Attend a stakeholder meeting with the MPP.
5:30pm: Go to reception at Queen’s Park.


8:30am: Open and review the mail.
9:00am: Meet with MPP to discuss research for Private Member’s Bill & potential stakeholders.
10:00am: Skip Question Period to work on Private Member’s Bill suggestions by MPP.
12:00pm: Eat lunch at desk.
1:00pm: Attend a briefing with the MPP and the Ministry.
2:00pm: Obtain contact information and call/email potential PMB stakeholders.
4:00pm: Review work completed so far with MPP’s Executive Assistant.


8:30am: Begin writing speech for Private Member’s Bill.
10:30am: Attend Question Period.
11:30am: Debrief with MPP about weekly tasks, Question Period, etc.
12:30pm: Meet other interns for lunch.
1:15pm: Formulate a topic for a Member’s Statement and write the speech.
3:00pm: Send the Member’s Statement to MPP and, upon approval, to the Whip’s Office for review.
4:00pm: Respond to emails, make a list for next week’s priorities, and check mail.


9:00am: Meeting with a former Premier or Intern, Sponsor, or someone of interest.
10:30am: Meeting with interns and administration.
12:30pm: Meeting with OLIP sponsor at their office, sometimes including a free lunch!
3:00pm Work on intern business such as planning trips, organizing receptions, writing magazine articles or getting new sponsors.